All About

Full Bore: The First Dig

What is The First Dig and why
are you releasing it?

The First Dig is the first half of the Full Bore saga.

Because we are terrible with deadlines, we are releasing Full Bore in two parts so that Kickstarter backers and new fans can start playing Full Bore sooner rather than later.

Will First Dig save games carry over into Full Bore?

When Part Two is released you will be able to immedately pick up where you left off in The First Dig. With the release of Part Two, Full Bore will be distributed as a single game.

What are the system requirements?

Full Bore is graphically demanding.
The minimum system requirements for The First Dig are:

WindowsXP, Ubuntu 12.04LTS (Precise Pangolin) or derivative, Fedora 18* (Spherical Cow) or derivative
*Fedora RPMs will be available September 13th

~2.0GHz SSE2 Capable Processor
DirectX9c or OpenGL2 capable GPU (i.e. NVIDIA 8600 or equivalent) (Intel Graphics is not recommended!)
200MB Available hard disk space

Can I make a let's play/game guide/review of Full Bore?

Almost certainly, but read this first.

Are you splitting Full Bore into
two games then?

Full Bore is being sold as one game in two parts. We're not trying to nickle and dime anyone, and won't be charging extra for Part Two.

Will anything change in The First Dig and when Part Two is released?

Very little. Ideally, the only changes will be to fix bugs.

Some changes may be made that effect the whole game, such as sound improvements or graphical fixes to shared tiles or decorations.

How do I get The First Dig?

Glad you asked! Just pre-order Full Bore and you will be able to download The First Dig from the Humble Store right now, and you will be able to download Part Two later in the year.