Demo FAQ

The game seems to be running slow.

Full Bore is demanding on your GPU, and many Laptop or Intel graphics cards may have trouble running the game. Try running the game in windowed mode by hitting ALT+ENTER, or try disabling V-Sync in the game's option menu (hit ESC to bring up the menu.)

The Demo Crashed!

If you are not running the V3 demo (hit ESC and check the logo at the top) please download the latest demo to see if the issue is fixed. Otherwise, please send your crash reports to and we will get back to you. If it needs a fix, we will update the demo so you can play it ASAP.

Do I have to use WASD keys to move around?

As of the V2 demo, Full Bore has a complete Key Configuration screen with defaults for WASD and Arrow movement. Hit ESC to bring up the menu, and look for the key configuration option in the options menu..

I collected the only secret in a room but the map still has a ? on it.

This is a known bug that is fixed in the latest demo.

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